If I were standing there, my hand in someone’s chest, my fingers wrapped around a bomb, who would I want there? Who would I want to be standing there, reassuring me? Helping me through it all?

Who would run away and who would stay? Who would be the coward and who would be the hero?

Is it true what Palahniuk said? That…once you save someone you love them? Is it just a case of mistaken ‘love’ or whatever? Or is it something….something real? I’m not sure. All I know is that I hope I never have to be standing in that room, with that bomb.

I think I have, though. I think I have stood in that room a few times already. I think life is that room. We choose who we want in our room. We choose whether we want to run or stay. We choose. Life is that bomb room. One wrong move and our life can fall apart. Or the right move…the right move and we could live…so wonderfully….


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