Bite my tongue. From far away I can’t feel the words you say they drift on in and out of my world.
And stupid me, I can’t relate. Do I love or care or hate? Are you my friend, are you the end
or just a girl? You’re still here. I can’t believe my life has not moved on out of fear or even knowing
with you something could go wrong. I guess I can’t replace the poetry from off your face,
 it speaks to me like I’m the only one.

I keep checking my phone.

It is a sad day when all you can think about is one person.  When your heart hurts and your eyes burn and all you want is them.  All I want is him.  All I want is him and all he wants probably doesn’t include me at all.  Does it include her?  Probably.  Probably does.

Yesterday seems like forever.  Even though we talked and flirted, it still seems like forever.  It’s like my brain has convinced me that just because you don’t immediately respond or don’t talk to me everyday, that’s it.  You have walked away.  You have chosen her…

So have you?

Have you chosen her?  God, I hope not…


Just checked my phone again.  I wish it would just ring.  Or buzz, or whatever.  I wish it would come to life just so I could feel relief.  I hate these waiting games.

And yet, through all of this nervousness…I can’t help but think that even though you are the one I am waiting for, there is another one I am waiting for too.

I wish he knew what I knew.


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