I have never been that girl. I have never been the girl to wait up for hours, waiting for text messages. I have never been the girl that can’t breathe when she hears that someone’s voice. I am a sensible person. I don’t go for boys that have pasts that would make parents scream. I don’t make myself look any different for boys, because I am not that girl. I like to impress, but I am not obsessed. I don’t consider people to know a thing about love, because we are young. We are young.

So what the hell?

Why are you making me change all the rules? Why am I waiting up to hear from you, not being able to breathe every time you touch me? Why do I get insanely jealous whenever a girl so much as looks at you? Why do I not care about your past, just about your present? Why am I trying so hard to impress you?

Why do I think I’m falling in love with you?

I do not fall in love. Love does not exist. That’s what I used to think.

So why are you changing my mind?


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